​RTCC Explosion Competition Cheerleading

RTCC 2018-2019 Team







Thank you for coming to the RTCC Explosion Tryouts!  We had a great turnout and are very excited about the new season.

Check carefully for your number.  Your parents will receive an informational welcome packet via email if you earned a spot on the team.   Please expect this welcome packet by 5/29.

There will be a Mandatory meeting for All Parents on Wednesday, June 13th at 7:30 at the Senior Center in Rockaway Township.   We will be providing camp dates at this meeting as well as all the information you will need for the cheer season.

Skills to work on over the summer:

*Flexibilty- practice your splits and stretching every day.* 

*Balance- especially flyers.  Strengthen your core (stomach) muscles! (Yoga is great for this!)*

*Conditioning- Endurance and stamina!  Running, sit ups and push ups are excellent conditioning exercises.  Upper body strength will improve your tumbling and stunting ability.  Add squats and build your strength.*

*Jumps- you should have excellent jumps and you can improve them by increasing your flexibility and endurance.*

*Dance and Cheer- sharp and precise movement are key to excellent cheering. You can practice any cheer routine to improve on these skills, including routines found online.*

**Be proud of your team! Your attitude affects your cheerleading ability.**

*Do your best at every practice (starting in September).

Practices are the core of this team and you will spend a lot of time preparing for 2 minutes and 30 seconds of competition.*